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Why Rush Alpha Kappa Psi?

Membership in Alpha Kappa Psi brings many rewards including professionalism, brotherhood, social activities, service, experience and much more.

Benefits Of Becoming A Brother

Through various alumni groups and members located across the country, Alpha Kappa Psi offers a professional association with a selected group whose backgrounds are of real value in professional and social case. Alpha Kappa Psi teaches and emphasizes the observance of high standards, personal ethics, and professional conduct; thus providing valuable, intangible benefits to the student during the formative years.

Other benefits of becoming a brother include:


Chapter Life Being a part of the Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter at your college or university provides the opportunity for improvement of skills and abilities through actual experience. Teamwork, project planning and execution, public speaking, leadership, and how to reside professionally in a business setting are all skills that are developed through chapter involvement. 

Faculty Relationships Because each chapter has faculty members, gatherings where faculty and students discuss subjects of mutual interests are encouraged.

Alumni Relationships Alumni brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi have the opportunity to provide personal mentorship and career guidance to student members.

Brotherhood Friends made in college are the most valued in life. With brotherhood and unity being core values of Alpha Kappa Psi, long lasting friendships are sure to be made. 


Requirements to Rush Alpha Kappa Psi


To pledge Alpha Kappa Psi you must fulfill these requirements:


• Minimum GPA of 2.5

• Current classification must have a GPA 

• Complete the pledge program application in full

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