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Our history begins in the fall of 1902, when four gentlemen began attending business classes at New York University. Every evening after class the men would cross the Brooklyn Bridge and walk home together. As time passed, these four gentleman developed a sense of brotherhood and suggested that something more be done. Two years later, on October 05, 1904, an organizational meeting was held and Alpha Kappa Psi was founded. Now recognized as "The Brooklyn Four", their names are: George L. Bergen, Howard M. Jefferson, Nathan Lane Jr., and Frederic R. Leach. 


A formal application was later submitted to the state of New York for a charter of incorporation for Alpha Kappa Psi. On May 20, 1905 the charter of incorporation was approved thus making Alpha Kappa Psi the first professional business fraternity in the United States. The formal application for the charter of incorporation was signed by a total of 10 men. The signatures belong to "The Brooklyn Four", Irving L. Camp, Robert S. Douglas, Daniel V. Duff, Morris S. Rachmil, William O. Tremaine, and Herbert M. Wright. These ten men are the official ten founders of Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Today, Alpha Kappa Psi is among the twenty largest national college fraternities in the country. With 80 alumni chapters and over 140 thousand men and women in more than 250 college chapters; Alpha Kappa Psi is a complete and integrated national business fraternity standing for the highest levels of conduct and achievement in both university and professional life. 

Prominent Alumni include: Malcolm Forbes, Jr., Sam Walton, Lee Lacocca, J.E. Davis (founder of Winn-Dixie), J.C. Penney, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and many other highly successful business men, women, and community leaders throughout the nation.

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